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Whether you are just getting into minimalist running, or you have been running lean for years, you will find our site to be chocked full of useful information. Specifically, you will find heaps of information on minimalist running shoes so you know what to look for and what to avoid well before you make your next purchase.

Finding the best minimalist running shoes isn’t easy

We understand that the web is a scary place when it comes to shopping for things. After all, simply “Googling” the phrase “Minimalist Running Shoes” turns up more than 2.5 million results! Where do you begin?! There are companies and individuals who are claiming they have the best this or the best that, depending on if you are looking for this, that, or the other. It is difficult to sort through the noise and clutter to arrive at the thorough, unbiased information you need to find the very best minimalist running shoes for you.

So where will you find that information? Here!

The unbiased spot for minimalist running shoes reviews!

That is us: a group of people who are updating a website where you can get everything from information on the newest minimalist running shoes, the hottest minimalist running shoes or the cheapest minimalist running shoes in one spot! A site that is full of unbiased reviews, recommendations and tips…and all for free!

So without further adieu, take a look around and enjoy the information we have provided you. After all, this page is only your starting line!

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A Message From Our Founder
Minimalist running has received a lot of attention lately, but it is far from a new idea. It is rooted in the age-old truth that less can be more. Minimalist running is about striking that perfect balance - the "Sweet Spot" - between what we have been given from a purely anatomical perspective (our naked feet) and what is now available to us thanks to new, innovative technologies.

Thank you for exploring minimalist running, and minimalist running shoes with us. We hope you enjoy our content and that we can help you make an educated purchasing decision.

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The Minimalist Runner